#Clearthelist – Language Goals September 2017

With August coming to a close it is time to take a step back, review how I have done and decide what I need to do in September to reach my goal…  to rule the world! I mean… learn lots of languages (of course). For those who don’t already know, #Clearthelist is a language learning community that brings together fellow language learners by sharing their … Continue reading #Clearthelist – Language Goals September 2017

Talk Dirty Italian by Alexis Munier & Emmanuel Tichello

After reviewing my copy of Speak Italian last week, I couldn’t resist dusting off another Italian treasure from my little language learning library. This time I have chosen something a little different……  Talk Dirty Italian When you are learning a new language there are always piles of different textbooks to explain all different types of grammar, syntax and vocabulary but the one thing they rarely … Continue reading Talk Dirty Italian by Alexis Munier & Emmanuel Tichello

German Diaries Day 7 – Munich (Part 2)

After a very underwhelming first night in Munich, I woke on the final day of the trip and shook off all the bad feelings ready to have a fresh new start and find something great in this city. I wasn’t disappointed! The first stop on our little walking tour was a small coffee shop on a back street near our hotel called Das Neue Kubitscheck. … Continue reading German Diaries Day 7 – Munich (Part 2)

Speak Italian by Bruno Murani

Hi everyone! I am back again with another book review for you. I have dusted off my bookshelf and pulled another volume to tell you all about. Hopefully convincing you to add to your own collection (or wish list at least). As always, no star ratings here, just my honest thoughts about why I chose the book and why I find it so interesting. This … Continue reading Speak Italian by Bruno Murani

One Year Giveaway Winners!

The one year giveaway is now over and I am very pleased to announce the two lucky winners: WordPress – Nido Products Instagram – @justgetouttherenow I will be in touch shortly to confirm the details to customise your trackers and get them to you in time for achieving your goals in September. Thanks again to everyone for your support and here’s to another year of … Continue reading One Year Giveaway Winners!

German Diaries Day 6 – Munich (Part 1)

With Neuschwanstein Castle shrinking into the distance we were making our way to the final stop on our German tour; Munich. We decided to spend the last two nights just outside the centre of town so that I could take a well deserved rest from driving. I love a good road trip, but after 1000km in 5 days it was definitely time to spend a … Continue reading German Diaries Day 6 – Munich (Part 1)

One Year Giveaway Spectacular!

On Saturday I celebrated my one year blogiversary and as a big thank you to all my followers and supporters I have decided to offer a special giveaway on WordPress and Instragam. If you have followed my language learning progress over the last couple of months you will have undoubtedly seen my bullet journal trackers that have helped me see a real boost in my … Continue reading One Year Giveaway Spectacular!